SolFlare Web Wallet

Introduction# is a community-created web wallet built specifically for Solana. SolFlare supports sending and receiving native SOL tokens as well as sending and receiving SPL Tokens (Solana's ERC-20 equivalent). SolFlare also supports staking of SOL tokens.

As a non-custodial wallet, your private keys are not stored by the SolFlare site itself, but rather they are stored in an encrypted Keystore File or on a Ledger Nano S or X hardware wallet.

This guide describes how to set up a wallet using SolFlare, how to send and receive SOL tokens, and how to create and manage a stake account.

Getting Started#

Go to in a supported browser. Most popular web browsers should work when interacting with a Keystore File, but currently only Chrome and Brave are supported when interacting with a Ledger Nano.

Using a Keystore File#

Create a new Keystore File#

To create a wallet with a Keystore file, click on "Create a Wallet" and select "Using Keystore File". Follow the prompts to create a password which will be used to encrypt your Keystore file, and then to download the new file to your computer. You will be prompted to then upload the Keystore file back to the site to verify that the download was saved correctly.

NOTE: If you loose your Keystore file or the password used to encrypt it, any funds in that wallet will be lost permanently. Neither the NFT4Artists team nor the SolFlare developers can help you recover lost keys.

You may want to consider saving a backup copy of your Keystore file on an external drive separate from your main computer, and storing your password in a separate location.

Access your wallet with a Keystore File#

To use SolFlare with a previously created Keystore file, click on "Access a Wallet" and select "Using Keystore File". If you just created a new Keystore file, you will be taken to the Access page directly. You will be prompted to enter the password and upload your Keystore file, then you will be taken to the wallet interface main page.

Using a Ledger Nano hardware wallet#

NOTE: Please see known issues for any current limitations in using the Nano.

Initial Device Setup#

To use a Ledger Nano with SolFlare, first ensure you have set up your Nano and have installed the latest version of the Solana app on your device.

Select a Ledger address to access#

Plug in your Nano and open the Solana app so the device screen displays "Application is Ready".

From the SolFlare home page, click "Access a Wallet" then select "Using Ledger Nano S | Ledger Nano X". Under "Select derivation path", select the only option:

Solana - 44`/501`/

Note: Your browser may prompt you to ask if SolFlare may communicate with your Ledger device. Click to allow this.

Select an address to interact with from the lower drop down box then click "Access".

The Ledger device can derive a large number of private keys and associated public addresses. This allows you to manage and interact with an arbitrary number of different accounts from the same device.

If you deposit funds to an address derived from your Ledger device, make sure to access the same address when using SolFlare to be able to access those funds. If you connect to the incorrect address, simply click Logout and re-connect with the correct address.

Sending and Receiving SOL Tokens#


To receive tokens into your wallet, someone must transfer some to your wallet's address. The address is displayed at the top-left on the screen, and you can click the Copy icon to copy the address and provide it to whoever is sending you tokens. If you hold tokens in a different wallet or on an exchange, you can withdraw to this address as well. Once the transfer is made, the balance shown on SolFlare should update within a few seconds.


Once you have some tokens at your wallet address, you can send them to any other wallet address or an exchange deposit address by clicking "Transfer SOL" in the upper-right corner. Enter the recipient address and the amount of SOL to transfer and click "Submit". You will be prompted to confirm the details of the transaction before you use your key to sign the transaction and then it will be submitted to the network.

Signing a Transaction#

Any time you submit a transaction such as sending tokens to another wallet or delegating stake, you need to use your private key to sign the transaction so it will be accepted by the network.

Using a Keystore File#

If you accessed your wallet using a Keystore file, you will be prompted to enter your password any time the key is needed to sign a transaction.

Using a Ledger Nano#

If you accessed your wallet with a Ledger Nano, you will be prompted to confirm the pending transaction details on your device whenever the key is needed to sign. On the Nano, use the left and right buttons to view and confirm all of the transaction details. If everything looks correct, keep clicking the right button until the screen shows "Approve". Click both buttons to approve the transaction. If something looks incorrect, press the right button once more so the screen shows "Reject" and press both buttons to reject the transaction. After you approve or reject a transaction, you will see this reflected on the SolFlare page.

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